Welcome back to the Elite Tree Experts blog! While stumps can make it difficult to get full use of your yard, there are many ways to turn this leftover tree part into a unique yard feature. In part one, we began looking at some really fun ways you use that old tree stump in your yard to create a functional, eye-catching landscape feature. Transform your unsightly tree stump into something beautiful like:

  • An attractive natural flower pot stand
  • A unique work of art
  • A cute garden path
  • An adorable bird bath

Today, let’s look at a few more awesome ways to transform your tree stump into something fun and functional. Would you rather get rid of your tree stump so you can fully enjoy the entire space provided by your lawn? Call Elite Tree Experts to schedule a stump grinding in Carmel, IN! Otherwise, please continue reading below.

Add a Seat to Your Stump

Tree stumps make great seats, depending on their height. If you have a taller tree stump, why not transform it into a full-blown seat by attaching a wooden chair to it? This is a great way to give your family members and guests extra seating space when enjoying your yard. It will also make a sturdy chair that can be placed in a garden.

Tree Stump Table Base

Tree stumps also make wonderful bases for patio tables. All you need to do is find a table top to place atop of a leveled tree stump, and voila! Instant patio furniture made from recycled materials that adds a rustic style to your backyard or porch. You can even sand and stain or paint the tree stump for added color and features. Add tiled glass to create a mosaic look or attach fun trinkets to the stump for a truly one-of-a-kind table.

https://www.elitetreeexpertsllc.com/stump-grinding/Create a Playscape

If you have a large tree stump or multiple tree stumps, put cut them into slabs and put them together to create a fun playscape for your kids. You can attach a slide to make a fun backyard play structure that your kiddos can climb on and slide off of.

Design a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a lot of fun and make a wonderful creative project to work on with kids. They are easy to make an require as little or as many materials as you like. Simply use the tree stump as your base and let your imagination run wild. You can find materials at a garage sale or thrift store by using small features from a dollhouse. You can also create the individual pieces for your fairy garden from materials found around the house like toothpicks, old magnets and ornaments, and so on. You can even make it themed, based off of your favorite book or movie such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. Sure, creating a fairy garden is fun for kids, but adults enjoy creating these yard decorations, too!

Get Rid of a Stump with Stump Grinding

If you would rather get rid of your tree stump altogether, call Elite Tree Experts for professional stump grinding in Carmel, IN! Our team can provide you with a stump grinding estimate and then safely remove your tree stump so you can enjoy full use of your yard. Whether you need a tree service to maintain the health of your trees, or you want to get a stump removal, the Elite Tree Experts team is here to help you! Give us a call today and be sure to check back to learn more awesome ways you can transform your tree stump into a fun, practical yard feature.