Welcome back to our blog! Last time, we looked at four more ways to create a fun and functional yard feature using that ugly old tree stump taking up space in your yard. You can transform your tree stump into:

  • A backyard chair
  • A rustic table base
  • A unique playscape for kids
  • A fairy garden

In today’s conclusion, we will look at a few more ways to recycle your tree stump, turning it into a decorative yard feature that may provide a practical use. Would you rather get rid of that old tree stump instead so you can enjoy your entire yard space? Call Elite Tree Experts for stump grinding in Carmel, IN, and our team will safely grind away that unsightly stump.

Cut It Into Pieces to Make a Garden Fence

You can carefully cut your tree stump into smaller pieces to create a small fence for your garden. All you need is a handsaw and you can cut your stump into pieces that you can stick in the ground around your garden. This will give your garden a rustic, natural look that can enhance the appearance of your garden.

Create a Space for Yard Games

Who says you need a game board to play checkers, tic-tac-toe, chess, and other fun games that both kids and adults enjoy playing? You can sand your tree stump down to create a smooth, flat surface that can be used as a board game surface. Use chalk, paint, and rocks to create a game board and game pieces, and enjoy playing games outdoors!

Illuminated Yard Lamp

Use your tree stump to create an illuminated yard lamp. Cut slits or drill holes into your stump, as well as a hole to place your light source. Get a battery-powered LED light or a solar yard light to place inside the stump, and you’ve got yourself a lovely little yard feature to illuminate your backyard.

Get Rid of Your Stump Instead

Would you rather get rid of your tree stump so you can use the full area of your yard? Call Elite Tree Experts for professional stump grinding in Carmel, IN. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely grind your tree stump, eliminating any hidden dangers that a stump can leave behind while giving your full access to your yard. Contact the Elite team today for a stump grinding.