It’s always a little heartbreaking to cut down a tree. Whether you’re snipping a sapling that will never grow to the heights of its building-sized siblings, or chopping down a mighty tree with decades’ worth of growth, it can be easy to find excuses not to get rid of the trees on your property. However, there are often legitimate and even pressing reasons for tree removal.

Hazardous trees can be dangerous to people and property.

Hazardous trees are nothing to make light of. The most typical example of a hazardous tree is one that’s dead or dying, as the branches can easily snap and fall at any moment’s notice. Depending on the size of the branch, the impact could damage property, or even be fatal to an unfortunate human casualty below. Furthermore, dead branches are a danger to would-be tree climbers.

Hazardous trees come in other forms, such as growing too crooked (risking an eventual fall under its own weight), or accumulating fungus that erodes the roots, which makes it easier to tip during a storm.

Overgrown roots can be extremely disruptive.

Trees don’t discriminate where they want to grow. Once they’ve found their spot, they’ll just dig in and won’t give mind to all of those super important man-made things that tend to surround them. Do you like that nice, flat, level sidewalk? “Not anymore,” responds the roots, as they slither underneath and uproot the concrete. They can also creep into power lines, sewer lines, or any other manner of infrastructure that are laced underground.

Additionally, overgrown roots can disrupt the structural integrity of your entire house, and at that point it’s no longer a mere annoyance, it’s a very serious issue that needs to be immediately addressed.

Certain trees might be hurting your property value.

When we think of trees in relation to property value, the typical assertion is that they raise property value. While this is true, there are exceptions to the rule, and the wrong tree can, in fact, hurt your property value. This is most commonly true when it comes to curb appeal. An unwieldy tree or stump in the wrong place can actually make your lot less appealing to look at, whether it’s awkwardly obstructing any kind of decent view, or sitting uncomfortably close to the curb, perpetually capturing everything under its dark shadow.

Removing trees frees up valuable space.

It’s amazing to see how much bigger any given property can look when you don’t account for the space that trees take up. Even in a best case scenario where the tree has a long trunk that leaves room around it down below, it’s still just fundamentally difficult to build around trees. If you take the plunge and remove some of them, you may see your land in a whole new way. Whether it’s some kind of project such as a new shed, or simply an open space that can be used for gatherings or gardening, removing trees can open up new possibilities that you had never even considered for your property.

Don’t do it on your own – Call a team of professionals

Finally, it’s important to mention that tree removal is something that’s best left to the experts. Cutting down a tree alone is dangerous, and that’s not even taking the leftover stump into account. At Elite Tree Experts Carmel, tree removal and stump grinding is our specialty. Need some trees or stumps cleared? Call us today.