Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or you’ve enjoyed the same home for years, mature trees are a huge plus for most people. They add character, offer shade, and give the property a sense of age. Mature trees also require maintenance and, in some cases, removal to reduce the danger of damage or disaster. When a tree falls it doesn’t always take all its roots and stump with it. You may be left with a large boulder-sized chunk of wood where the tree once existed.

At Elite Tree Experts, we want you to love your home, property, and surrounding trees and shrubbery. So when it comes to stump removal we’re all for the DIY approach, but we want to share some quick tips before you get elbow deep into a stump grinding project that could take months to complete. Stump removal is no easy task, and if you decide to do it on your own, you need to take the proper safety precautions and approach the removal in the best way possible.

The Three Tips for Effective Stump Removal

Tip #1: Know which type of wood you’re dealing with

Depending on the wood type, you may need more or less time to remove it. The wood density can play a role when grinding the stump. Before grinders were available, farmers and homeowners would either dig the stump out or use their livestock like horses or oxen to pull it out. Now, you can grind the stump into chips. Typically, the denser the wood, the easier it is to grind since it will make smaller chips. The less-dense woods tend to be a hassle because they don’t want to chip in smaller pieces.

Tip #2: How deep are the roots?

Homeowners sometimes find their stump removal wasn’t entirely successful. The roots disconnected during a stump removal can regenerate a new tree. Granted, a simple pass with a lawnmower over the will keep any budding from growing too large. However, if you want to ensure another tree never grows in the target area, make sure and remove as many of the roots as possible.

Tip #3: What does professional stump removal actually cost?

Typically, stump removal companies determine pricing based on the width of the stump and the estimated depth. Other companies charge an hourly rate. You may find other methods of charging. Nonetheless, it’s important to ask how the company you’re potentially choosing prices their stump removal service. Once you get this information, you can then compare pricing and reputation.

Choose Elite Tree Experts for Your Stump Removal!

We proudly serve the industry and our communities around Carmel and Indianapolis with tree pruning and stump removal services. We’re honest, respectful, transparent, and want nothing more than to serve your tree and stump needs. Our professional services far exceed the industry standards, and we work to satisfy every single customer who chooses us. If you’re ready to get your stump removed, give us a call today!