So you’ve finally gotten rid of that giant tree that was bugging you, and all that’s left is a stump. Just a little stump that’s a tiny fraction of the size of the original tree. It should be easy, right? It couldn’t possibly be harder than getting that tree cut down and hauled away, right?


Trees like to put up quite a fight when you tear them down, and you can think of the stump as their last stand. Much like an iceberg, what you see on the surface is only a minuscule portion on top of what lies beneath. To say that stumps are a nuisance to remove would be a dramatic understatement. They will hold on for dear life until they’ve been bested. This is the kind of fight that needs the touch of a professional, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Using a Stump Grinder Isn’t a Walk In the Park. First of all, if you were planning on removing your stump without a grinder, just forget it. Secondly, if you were considering renting your own stump grinder and doing it yourself, you should reconsider; it’s much harder to operate a stump grinder than most people recognize, and can even be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is a machine with a lot of sharp, moving parts that won’t hesitate for a second to tear apart anything that gets in its path.
  • It’s Not Going to be Cheap. When it comes to DIY projects, especially those involving yard or housework, the most compelling argument for not hiring a professional is usually money. In this particular case, it’s not the strongest argument, because removing a stump is going to cost you one way or another. Stump grinders retail for $1100+ on average, and renting one typically costs $100-$400 a day. And if you’re inexperienced, one day might not be enough. Furthermore, that doesn’t account for the trailer you might need to transport it, and the gas required to run it. DIY projects, particularly stump grinding, can actually be more expensive than calling in professionals, and even if it’s not, the time, effort, and margin of error is generally too much to justify the amount of money you’re saving.



  • It’s an Absolute Mess. If you thought tearing down a tree was bad, wait till you see what the stump has to offer. Stump grinding causes a tremendous amount of debris due to the wood shavings that get everywhere, and that’s nothing compared to how much you might tear apart your yard should you try to handle the roots. Stump grinding professionals are specifically trained to remove stumps without disrupting the rest of the yard, and they will clean up the mess.

At Elite Tree Experts Carmel, we understand all too well the appeal of doing outdoor DIY projects. There is a multitude of ambitious tasks that hard-working DIYers can have a ball with, but stump grinding shouldn’t be counted among them. It is a difficult, expensive, and risky task that will be frustrating to the core without the touch of a professional. You don’t deserve that kind of stress. Why don’t you call us instead? Contact us today to get a free quote.