Welcome back! It’s hard to believe that spring will be transitioning into summer in the next few weeks, and we couldn’t be more excited. We love seeing all of the trees in Terre Haute come back to life after the long winter and, as your Top Rated Local® tree service company, we are happy to come take care of your trees to get them ready for summer. If you’re like most, you will probably be spending a lot of times outdoors this summer, hosting barbeques, birthday parties, and just plain relaxing. While you can always head to the nearest home improvement store to pick up some brand new yard decorations, there are so many ways you can use what you already have to create a serene landscaping environment without breaking the bank.

Today, let’s look at some DIY backyard decorating ideas that will give you a good starting place for creating a peaceful and serene backyard space that you, your family, your pets, and your guests can enjoy all summer long.

Paint Your Planters

It’s always nice getting new planters each summer to hold your vibrant flowers and verdant plants, but these can get expensive. Rather than spending anywhere from $30 to $50 a pop on new planters, why not revamp the ones you have? All you need is a little paint to match the material of your planters and pots, and you’ll have planters that are as good as new.

Outdoor Rugs

Who says rugs are only for the inside of your home? If you’ve got rugs that you’ve had rolled up and stored in your garage, roll them out on your porch or patio to create a soft surface. If you don’t have an old rug that you can use outdoors, no sweat! All you need is a piece of canvas cut to your desired size and some paint. Use your imagination or let your kids do the painting to create a decorative outdoor rug that will add a little color and comfort to your patio.

Become Stone-Painting Artist

There’s no need to go spend money on decorated rocks for your garden when you have all the tools you need to do it yourself. Just about everyone can find a few large, round stones in their yard that provides the perfect blank canvas for a work of art. All you need is your imagination, some art supplies, a few decorative embellishments, and some people willing to paint some rocks. Kids love decorating anything, so they’re always a great go-to. You can also turn it into a fun, crafty get-together with friends and family. Use these rocks to identify flowers, herbs, plants, veggies, and fruits in your garden.

Turn Trimmed Branches Into Works of Art

Tree branches have really neat shapes that can be used to create all sorts of cool yard decorations. You can use branches to create unique candle holders for citronella candles that can help keep the bugs away. You can go big and build a garden arbor out of branches, or even use branches to create stunning planters to place around your yard. The possibilities are endless! Of course, when you have our tree service team come out to trim your trees, don’t hesitate to ask us to leave a few different-sized branches for you and the kiddos to use to create works of art to decorate your backyard.

Join us for part two as we continue looking at more ways you can use what you have to create an attractive, peaceful backyard setting to enjoy this summer. If your trees could use a little TLC to get them summer-ready, call Elite Tree Experts for Top Rated Local® Terre Haute tree service! Until next time, thank you for reading.