Hi there, and welcome back to the Elite Tree Experts blog! In our recent post, we explored some of the best fall tree care services to get your trees and yard ready for the colder weather. Now that November is here, we know many of you in and around Indianapolis will be getting a jump on decorating your yards for the holidays. As your Top Rated Local® tree care company, we have some excellent holiday decorating tips that you can use to transform your yard into a festive landscape that will leave all passersby in awe. Please read on to learn more.

Light Up Your Walkways

For those who prefer simplicity over extravagance, one easy way to add some holiday cheer to your yard is with pathway lights. You have many choices here but you’ll want to choose eco-friendly and safe lights that have LED or incandescent bulbs, or you can opt for a rope light to completely outline your walkways. Lining your walkways looks gorgeous and welcoming, and is an incredibly easy way to decorate your yard. You’ll want to consider how much snowfall your yard typically receives when choosing the height of your light stakes. Because Indianapolis gets varying levels of snowfall between November and January, it’s best to go for a 15-inch stake so that your lights don’t get completely buried in the snow.

Highlight the Natural Beauty of Your Yard

Survey your yard and note which natural features you want to highlight. If you have one large tree, illuminate its natural structure with elegant, warm white or cool white lights. If you have a lot of trees, you might want to make them the focal point by either hanging bows or wrapping them in LED lights using a consistent color pattern. You can also get a projector light to place in front a solitary tree which is an effortless way to decorate your yard.



Decorate with Walkway Trees

Some yards lack natural foliage, trees, and hedges, so if you love the winter forest look, place walkway trees in your yard. Many of these artificial trees come pre-lit with either clear or multicolored lights, and are often sold in packs of two to four trees. Walkway trees resemble the natural splendor of real pine trees, evergreens, and other tree species that look beautiful day and night, making for a festive addition to any yard.

Call in the Experts

No matter how you choose to decorate your trees and yard this holiday season, just remember to carefully apply the holiday decorations so that your trees and foliage are not damaged. Always choose safe and energy efficient lights to use outdoors, which is not only good for your trees, but also good for your pocketbook. Tune in next time as we continue looking at more great holiday decorating tips for your yard. If you have any questions or need reliable tree care services during the holidays, please give Elite Tree Experts a call. As Central Indiana’s Top Rated Local® tree care experts, we can help improve the health and appearance of your trees just in time for the holidays. Contact us today to request a free quote for our professional tree care services!