Welcome back to the Elite Tree Experts blog! In part one of this short blog series, we offered our clients and readers in and around Indianapolis some helpful outdoor holiday decorating tips. Some of our decorating suggestions included lighting up your walkways with festive pathway lights, which look both welcoming, festive, and stunning. Another tip is to highlight the natural beauty of your yard by making a prominent feature the focal point by stringing it with lights or illuminating it with a projector light. Finally, we suggested placing artificial walkway trees in yards that lack trees, foliage, and natural hedges. Let’s look at a few more outdoor holiday decorating ideas in today’s blog post.

Wrap Your Tree in Lights

Tree-wrapping has really grown in popularity in the last decade. Rather than simply stringing lights across multiple branches in a circular manner, you can highlight the tree’s natural structure by wrapping its base and branches. You’ll want to get decorative light strands that fit the measurements of the trees you wish to decorate, and you may need one to two strands of lights per tree (depending on the size). First, begin wrapping the base of the tree snugly with LED lights and work your way up the tree to the branches. Next, wrap the lights up and down the length of the main branches and back down the base of the tree. This is a modern take on traditional tree lighting and works great for most trees.

Drape Lights Across Fence Lines

If you would rather not mess with decorating the trees and other foliage in your yard, go for a classic holiday look by stringing lights across your fence line. Enhance the appearance of the lights by draping green, natural-looking garland across fence lines, and attach a decorative red bow to fence posts.



Decorate An Outdoor Christmas Tree

Many people enjoy having a Christmas tree in their home, but why not have one in your yard, too? For those who have evergreens or pine trees in their yard, consider creating an outdoor Christmas tree. This is a holiday favorite among children and adults alike. Simply string lights on your tree, hang large, outdoor tree ornaments or make some of your own, and you can even place red bows on the branches for added beauty. Carefully place a durable, lit tree-topper on the top of your tree for the final touches. You can even place decorative presents under the tree for additional holiday cheer.

Call Elite Tree Experts

However you decide to decorate your landscaping this holiday season, the important thing is to have fun and be safe while hanging your decorations. For safe holiday decorating, always have a buddy to hold the ladder and help you figure out light placements. It’s best to choose safe, energy efficient lights for outdoor use, which is not only good for the health of your trees, but also good for your pocketbook. If you need any holiday tree care services or have any questions about caring for your trees, please call Central Indiana’s Top Rated Local® tree care experts. We’re here to improve the health and appearance of your trees all year long. Contact us today to request a free quote for our professional tree care services!