Welcome back! Last time, we told you how to examine your trees for signs of a damaged or unhealthy tree. The warning signs we mentioned were:

  • Dead or hanging branches (large and small)
  • Trunk with a significant lean
  • Noticeable horizontal and/or vertical cracks.

Here are three more signs telling you your tree may be hazardous:

Missing Bark

Patches of missing bark on tree trunks and branches are referred to as “cankers,” which are sections of dead bark. Cornell University notes that cankers are usually caused by mechanical injuries or by plant pathogens like fungi or bacteria. Calling your friendly tree care experts at Elite Tree Experts, however, is the best way to address these issues along with proper care and preventative measures, which we will explore in next month’s post.  

Trunk Cavities

Holes in trees, or cavities, are caused by a number of things, including wildlife, weather, human activity, and a tree’s natural ability to shed its branches. While cavities in trees are not always harmful, they can be a welcoming home for birds and squirrels, and may develop fungi that could damage your tree, compromising its structural integrity.

Rotten Roots

You can usually spot rotten roots by fungus and mushroom growth at the base of the tree trunk. Mushrooms growing on the roots means the fungi have invaded the layer of wood just underneath the bark. While not all tree fungus is harmful, most mushrooms feed on the tree’s nourishing cells in order to flourish, which affects the inner layers of the tree, making it unstable. Trees with root rot have weakened trunks and anchor roots which means a tree may fall much easier during episodes of severe weather.

Call the Tree Care Experts

If you notice these hazards when examining your trees, call us right away. If you would prefer our tree care experts come out to examine and assess your trees, we would be happy to do so. We offer free estimates for tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and any other of our tree care services, so call us today to ensure your property is safe from hazardous trees.