When’s the last time you drove through a neighborhood with beautiful trees in it? If you’re fortunate enough to own a property with trees on it, you understand the value and splendor even a single tree can bring. It’s been reported that large, healthy trees can actually increase the value of your home and property. You may not be in the market to sell just yet, but it’s something to keep in mind. Elite Tree Experts wants to share the top ten tips to keep your trees in tip-top shape in this blog post.

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The Top Ten Tree Tips

Tip #1: Take a step back

Most homeowners want to take care of their trees, and the best way to accomplish this is to leave your trees alone. It may make sense to prune and trim them twice a month, but what you want to do is let them do what they do best: grow. Have you seen the giant oak in your neighbor’s yard or up the street from your house? For centuries, trees have been growing on their own.

Tip #2: Ditch the digging

If you plan on completing construction on or around your home, make sure and watch where you dig. A well-intentioned excavation project can turn into a tree killer really quickly. The roots of your beloved tree extend between one-to-three times the width of the canopy underground. If you cut, chop, or hack away at roots, it can affect the tree negatively.

Tip #3: Do not park beneath your trees

Parking your car beneath a tree canopy, even though you’re not directly harming the tree, the compacted soil will essentially suffocate the roots. A trees root system is a major part of its nutrient gathering network, which helps it survive and grow. Compacting the soil above and around those roots disallows water minerals to be absorbed by the tree.

Tip #4: Landscape with care

A weed-whacker or a lawn mower can chip, hack, or cut the bark on a tree or its roots, which causes negative effects. The more you abuse the tree, the less likely it will survive the long haul.

Tip #5: Mulch the base of the tree

Mulch helps keep moisture in the soil around the tree. You’ll want to spread mulch about one foot from the tree’s trunk outwards to the drip line of the canopy. Not only will this help with retaining moisture, but it will indirectly keep lawnmowers and other potentially harmful equipment away from the tree.

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