Welcome back to the Elite Tree Experts blog! In part one of our short blog series, we began exploring some helpful tips to prepare your landscaping for the cooler fall months. Fall in Indianapolis is the perfect time of year to clean up your yard and fortify your trees, shrubs, plants, and lawn for the colder winter weather that follows. Additionally, being proactive in your lawn and tree care can also strengthen your landscaping for when spring rolls around and your trees and shrubs come out of their dormant stage. Here are a few more tips to help you get your landscaping ready for fall.

Aerate Your Yard

Fall is the perfect time to aerate your lawn which allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to permeate the surface of the grass down to the roots. Lawn aeration can be done using a handheld tool or a push spike aerator (drum-style), or an electric or gas-powered walk behind aerator. If you aerate the lawn yourself, be sure that you don’t get too close to the trees which could damage the tree roots. While yard aeration is often an easy chore, it is sometimes best to call in the experts, especially when your lawn is full of trees and shrubs.

Fertilize for Future Growth

Once you have aerated your lawn, lay down a high-quality fertilizer to penetrate deep into the roots to nourish grass, plants, and trees. Early fall is the best time to have one of our tree care experts come out and fertilize your lawn, which can save you time. Laying down a good fertilizer encourages microbial activity, provides oxygen to deeper roots, and gives your landscape the nutrients it needs to sustain it through the winter. Strengthening your trees and lawn in the fall will help them grow stronger and healthier the following spring.



Tree Wrapping

To prevent bark damage at the base of trees during the colder months, wrap the tree trunks up to the first level of branches. This is especially important for younger trees or for newly-planted trees. If you do this yourself, use a commercial tree wrap and leave it on until early April.  

Remove Unhealthy or Dead Trees

As much we prefer to try and save a tree rather than removing one, we understand that it is sometimes the safest option when a tree is sick or dead and cannot be helped. Tree removal is best done before the colder weather moves in because heavy, wet snowstorms and ice storms which are common in the Indianapolis can make unhealthy or dead trees serious hazards to human and animal safety. What’s more, if a sick tree topples over as a result of a severe snowstorm, it can cause costly damages to a home and property. Before removing any tree, our tree experts determine if a tree can be saved, and if not, we will remove the tree in the most affordable and efficient manner. To learn more about our tree removal services, click here.

Thank you for reading our short blog series! For assistance with fall tree care and tree removal, please give Elite Tree Experts a call or request a free quote online today. Like this post? Be sure to keep up with our blog where you can stay updated on our services and learn tips to keep your trees and landscaping healthy and strong.