If you’re looking for ways to prune your tree, avoid tree topping at all costs. Although you may receive contrary advice from your neighbor or your favorite forum on the internet, make sure you understand the consequences prior to committing to the decision. The Elite Tree Experts suggest you start with general tree trimming to maintain the tree’s health. If you’re looking for tree cutting services in Carmel, give us a call, and we can help you make the best decision for the trees on your property. In the following post, we’ll discuss the dangers of tree topping and some alternatives to keep your trees intact and growing properly.

The Dangers of Tree Topping

The tree service industry is in constant debate over the effectiveness of tree topping. We’ll be the first to admit that if you want to drastically reduce the vertical and width of a tree, topping it is the way to go. However, our opinion stands by the maintenance and gentle pruning of trees, so they can keep a lush, healthy canopy. Topping a tree creates a considerably less desirable aesthetic in your yard than a thinner canopy or raised canopy skirt. Nonetheless, here are some hazards or ways topping can hurt more than they help your trees.

Destroying Tree Shape

Although it may seem like a quick and easy solution to trim your trees, tree topping is devastating to trees. The direction in which the tree grows, and the shape the tree takes plays a large role in its ability to survive and complete photosynthesis. When a tree is topped, it does more than just ruin the shape, it creates susceptibility to disease and insects.

Disease and Insects

We tend to see trees as majestic and ever-growing entities of nature. Unfortunately, trees are fighting for survival just like everything else you see outside. When a tree is topped, it creates an opportunity for disease to destroy or rot the tree from the core of the trunk. Specific insects get access to the tree beyond the bark, which protects the tree from more than just insects and bugs, and will slowly destroy the living wood from the inside out.


If a tree does not effectively complete photosynthesis over time, it will perish. Tree topping removes a large percentage of a tree’s leaves, which diminishes its ability to feed itself.

Tree Topping Alternatives

  • Canopy Reduction: Removing small, specific limbs that will reduce the size of the tree’s canopy without harming its ability to feed itself.
  • Thinning: Removing select limbs up the trunk of the tree to reduce the thickness of the canopy, creating the ability to see through the tree branches easier.
  • Skirting: Removing specifically the lower branches of a tree, raising the “skirt.”
  • Windowing: Remove a collection of branches from a specific area to create a space or gap to see through.

Choose Elite Tree Experts in Carmel

When you think of tree cutting or trimming services, give the Elite Tree Experts a call! We’ve been serving the Carmel community for years, and we pride ourselves on the ability to provide the best tree services to our fellow residents. Whether you decide to top a tree or simply trim it, let us know. We’re more than happy to discuss tree trimming alternatives to save your tree and maintain its long-term health.