Often times, most companies advertise free estimates which cost them time and money but what they are not telling you is they are actually putting a price in the estimate for them coming out there and the expenses it costed them to come out there so that does not technically mean it’s free. So what happens when a person doesn’t go with one of the companies who offer the free estimates? Well the company has to pass that expense down to the next possible client at a higher rate in hopes that someone will take them up on that deal!

Here at Elite Tree Experts we came up with a free estimate program to help save us time and money. By filling out the form below this allows us to help out our current clients and yourself at minimal cost and save money by redirecting the people who may not be serious in having the work performed which makes it more costly for the entire industry and consumers as a whole. After all, every company passes its expenses down to its consumers. If the business doesn’t do this then this is what we call a fly by night company which is basically a company that won’t be around in another 5 years due to its expenses exceeding its income or are just going around scamming property owners.

If you are not exactly sure what needs to be done or need diseases and insects to be treated please schedule an at home consultation with us today by clicking here and see how we could save you time and money on your current and future work. If you would like for us to do a consultation and need a price to perform the work then request for a quote here. If you are requesting mulching services, animal rescue, zip line installation, swing set installation, or needing light decorations installed give us a call or send us a text at 765-341-5288.