Welcome back to the Elite Tree Experts blog! As tree lovers, we’re always saddened to have to remove a tree, but oftentimes, this is the only way to take care of a sick or dying tree that could pose hazards to you and your loved ones. When a tree is removed, the stump is often left in the yard, as removing a stump requires stump grinding to completely remove the stump from the ground. Whether you have moved into a home that has a stump in the yard, or you have recently had a tree removed yourself and were unable to get rid of the stump, there are ways you can use a tree stump to enhance the appearance of your yard.

When it comes to trees, we’re always looking for ways to reuse and recycle the leftover tree materials. Today, we have some awesome ideas for you to consider for turning your tree stump into an attractive, functional yard feature. Of course, we recommend removing your tree stump to eliminate the risk of damaging your lawn equipment and providing a haven for insects, so you can get full use of your entire yard. If you’d rather get that tree stump out of your yard, call us for a stump removal in Carmel, IN. Read on to learn our tips!

Create a Natural Flower Pot Stand

One of the go-to ways to use a tree stump is by turning it into a flower pot stand. Whether the stump in your yard stands tall or is close to the ground, all you need to do is set a few small pots or one large pot atop of the stump. If the stump has roots, you can place flower pots in-between each root to make it look gorgeous. You can even create a hole in the stump to fill it in with soil and variety of plants and flowers.

Transform It Into a Work of Art

Whether you’re a painter, a sculptor, an installation artist, or you have no artistic background at all, it’s easy to use a tree stump as a natural blank canvas that you can turn into a piece of art. You can paint your stump, add tree branch sculptures to it, or install trinkets or decorative tiled glass for a mosaic look. If you’re a woodworker, the options are endless for how you could carve a stump into a work of art.

Use the Wood to Create a Garden Path

If you’re comfortable using a chainsaw and have a taller stump, you can carefully saw off thin layers of the stump that you can use to place along a garden path. These natural stepping “stones” will provide cushioning for your feet when walking along your garden path, and offer a more rustic look than some stepping stones.

Create a Bird Bath

If you love bird watching, turn your tree stump into an adorable bird bath. All you need is a large, flat bowl that you can attach to the top of the stump using a strong adhesive or by screwing it into place. This will give the birds in your yard a place to perch, drink, and bathe while giving you access to optimal bird viewing.

Or…Get Rid of Your Tree Stump

If you’d prefer to just get rid of that pesky tree stump, give us call for a stump grinding! Our tree experts can safely and efficiently remove your unwanted tree stump, giving you full use of your yard and removing a potential yard hazard. For Top Rated Local® tree stump grinding in Carmel, IN, call Elite Tree Experts today!

Be sure to tune in for part two to learn even more amazing ways to turn your tree stump into an awesome and functional yard feature.