Extend the Life of Your Trees with Proper Tree Care

Adding to the beauty of the landscape, trees are often some of the most valuable additions to your outdoor property. By increasing privacy and security, providing shade and interest, while allowing wildlife a space to reside and find food, trees provide functional beauty that can’t easily be monetized!

However, wildlife can sometimes cause a problem with the trees health and cause weakening in the structure and other infestations and diseases! Over the tree’s life span it faces constant threats from many factors at play such as nutrient deficiency from not having bio-degradable material such as cut grass, falling leaves and sticks go back into the ground and resupply nutrients (the bio-degradable material also protects the feeder roots in harsh winters and scorching summers). If you prefer the modern aesthetic look then we would suggest you go with mulching around the base of the tree and root injections under the canopy/ dripline of the tree. If you need help with doing this please feel free to contact Elite Tree Experts. If your tree is suffering from nutrient deficiency it can cause a chain reaction of the limbs dying out and causing decay which attracts insects to burrow into the wood which will attract wood peckers and other birds.

To maintain their natural beauty, it’s imperative that you keep your trees in healthy condition, especially as they grow to massive sizes. With routine tree maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your trees productive and functional year after year. One of the most beneficial things that you can do for your trees is to prune them. Though the process may seem possible to accomplish alone, it’s highly recommended that you use a professional tree service provider who understands trees inside and out. As arborists, we know how to properly tend to your tree’s health, identifying where branches need to be removed from around the crown, and ensuring optimal future growth. Protecting the health and safety of your family, we’ve designed our tree care services to ensure the optimal growth and health of your trees in Indianapolis, Greencastle, Spencer, Terre Haute and surrounding areas.


Insects play a very important environmental role. Just like owning a house has its pro’s and con’s well so do insects. Some insect species help pollinate trees and other plants to bare fruits and vegetables while some are considered more of a pesticide and feed on the plants foliage and stem taking its source of energy and nutrients away ultimately causing the tree to die. Insects such as bees, butterflies, moths and ants are seen as pollinators but they (just like humans) can be destructive in nature. Whether you want to preserve the bugs for nature’s role or get rid of them because they are being too destructive to your garden and trees Elite Tree Experts is here to help!

As we continue to grow as an organization Elite Tree Experts will bring you more content with various types of insects and what positive/negative impact they have on trees, shrubs and other plants along with solutions to each problem. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding this matter please fill out our online form and ask us in the comments section or come back at a later date to view possible updates. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Diseases and Illnesses

Nutrient Deficiency

Tree Injection              

There are a variety of ways to treat a tree and a direct tree injection is one of the most eco-friendly ways to treat a tree preventing the drift effect of spray applications to other plants and people. Another method is a deep root injection but other plants under the canopy of the tree can absorb the application. A direct tree injection consist of tapping past the cambium layer of the tree into the xylem to give the tree nutrients, treat and prevent diseases along with insects. If you need help in determining treatments and applications consult with one of our experts by filling out our online form and request for a consultation or a quote.


Mulching a tree is the most beneficial practice homeowner’s can do for their tree if done properly! It replenishes the nutrients in the ground while maintaining protective cover for the feeder roots in the harsh temperatures of winter and summer. In the winter it acts as a protective layer and provides heat for the roots in super low temperature while in the summer the mulch retains moisture in the ground in periods of droughts. Elite Tree Experts recommends having the mulch at least 3 feet around the base of the tree if possible while keeping the root flares of the tree exposed. Covering the root flares and piling the mulch up against the tree is what we call volcanic mulching. Volcanic mulching is detrimental to the tree’s health and structure. It causes girdling and rot at the base of the tree and spirals downhill from there making the tree more susceptible to insect infestations and disease. We also recommend spreading the mulch to about 2-2.5 inches thick (enough to suppress weeds) and having the mulch cleaned every 3-4 year. Do not exceed 2 layers. Doing so can cause root rot due to too much excessive moisture and not enough airflow. In an area where the ground is to moist we do not recommend mulching.

Mulching can be used for more than just trees! It helps keep the cattle warm in the winter from the heat content it puts off and makes excellent bedding for them and other animals! However, certain trees can be hazardous to certain animals! Such as cherry trees with horses. Mulch could also be used as landfill for holes, ditches and ravines.

If you would like for Elite Tree Experts to handle your mulching project give us a call at 765-341-5288.


The girdling of a tree is when the cambium layer (underneath the bark and phloem layer) gets stripped off the trunk or branch all the way around the tree or branch by one of many ways preventing the tree to carry nutrients and water to the outer most tips of the tree branch resulting in death. This will kick in the tree’s natural defense system in an attempt to survive causing sucker growth to appear below the girdle.

Bugs such as the emerald ash borer, weevil and twig girdler beetle are just some of the bugs that can cause girdling along with Deer, birds, squirrels, beavers and other forms of wildlife. Vines growing on the tree can also strangle a tree out and cut off its nutrient supply. People can even cause girdling by cutting around the trunk of the tree with a saw, using cabling for support, to many taps for harvesting syrup and by covering the root flares up around the tree with mulch or dirt. Covering the root flares with dirt and mulch can cause feeder roots to sprout out and start growing around the tree since feeder roots grow around the surface of the ground. There is no definite way to treat girdling. However, measures can be taken to prevent it from happening. If you think girdling is taking effect on your tree consult with our lead arborist at 765-341-5288.


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