Extend the Life of Your Trees with Proper Tree Care

Adding to the beauty of the landscape, trees are often some of the most valuable additions to your outdoor property. By increasing privacy and security, providing shade and interest, while allowing wildlife a space to reside and find food, trees provide functional beauty that can’t easily be monetized.

To maintain their natural beauty, it’s imperative that you keep your trees in healthy condition, especially as they grow to massive sizes. With routine tree maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your trees productive and functional year after year. One of the most beneficial things that you can do for your trees is to prune them. Though the process may seem possible to accomplish alone, it’s highly recommended that you use a professional tree service provider who understands trees inside and out. As certified arborists, we know how to properly tend to your tree’s health, identifying where branches need to be removed from around the crown, and ensuring optimal future growth. Protecting the health and safety of your family, we’ve designed our tree care services to ensure the optimal growth and health of your trees in Indianapolis and Carmel.

Types of Tree Pruning:


Crown Lifting

By removing the lower branches of your tree, more light is able to pass beneath the crown without impacting the strength of the tree’s structure. Many times this process is done to clear a path for a road, ridding the tree of its lowest hanging branches.

Because the lower branches of a tree are generally larger, it’s important to let the tree experts do the work, ensuring that your tree can heal and is strong enough to stand against the wind and other external factors.

Crown Thinning

Thinning your tree means that we will remove selective branches throughout the crown, increasing light penetration, and air circulation throughout the tree. During crown thinning, we will work throughout the entire crown, including the outer edges, focusing on smaller branches that will not change the shape of the tree. It’s important to remember that you do not want to remove too many branches from your tree; doing so will change its structure, making it weaker and creating fewer areas that can be pruned in the future.

Crown Reduction

Just as the name implies, a crown reduction is the process of reducing the overall size of the crown, shortening branches by cutting them back to a suitable growth point. We suggest reduction when a tree has outgrown the space that it is in.

Crown reduction can result in large wounds at the end of branches which can begin to decay if not done properly and should only be performed on specific types of trees. When cutting branches back, the flowing branch line should be maintained, leaving a natural shape.

Topping/Hard Topping

Topping and hard topping is used to as a maintenance technique when a tree is young and repeated several times throughout its life. Tree topping is done by removing all branches back to the tree’s original framework, promoting regrowth from the “knuckles”. Traditionally used on willow trees, topping should not be performed on large old trees as it can leave extensive wounds that cause stress and reduction of foliage.

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