Professional Care Means Healthier Trees

At first glance, trimming your own trees may seem like a great way to save a bit of money. After all, it’s just taking a few branches down and removing a couple of limbs. What could possibly be the big deal? Ask the hundreds of homeowners who were injured and even killed while attempting to service their own trees last year alone. Tree trimming has been shown to be one of the most dangerous and complicated household chores and should be left in the hands of experienced tree maintenance professionals.

Outfitted with the Best Equipment and Experience

Armed with the proper tools and techniques, our crews are proficient in safe trimming and pruning projects. Scaling back overgrowth and removing damaged or diseased branches and limbs, we work to ensure the solid function of each tree while encouraging proper growth patterns.

Regardless of the type of tree or its complications, we boldly face the challenges of any tree trimming project, while human safety and property protection tie as our highest priority. Known to go above and beyond for our valued clients, we strive to do whatever we can to leave your property in better shape than when we first arrived.

Find out why we’re the preferred tree care company of your friends and neighbors by scheduling your free estimate with Elite Tree Experts today. We promise affordable, superior service delivered by the industry’s best.

Avoid Tree Topping

The first rule of tree topping: Try not to. Not if you care for the look and function of your trees.

The second rule of tree topping: If a tree service company recommends lopping off the crown of any treeit’s time to get a second opinion from Elite Tree Experts.

Tree topping, without question, is the most detrimental tree trimming technique used by amateurs, lazy companies, and uninformed homeowners.

Simply stated, tree topping is misunderstood to be an effective way to limit a tree’s vertical growth. Often utilized near utility lines and in small spaces, topping has unfortunately caused thousands of trees to grow in unhealthy, and frankly ugly, patterns. Causing limbs to mutate and grow horizontally from lower in the trunk, the technique leaves trees vulnerable to unnecessary breakage and diminished leaf production. These issues often leave the entire tree susceptible to insects and disease.

Utilizing only those techniques that have been approved by the tree care industry, our tree specialists work to always ensure the life-long strength and beauty of your trees. Understanding the formations and growth patterns of hundreds of native tree types in and around Indianapolis and Carmel, we have successfully trimmed and pruned thousands of area trees. If tree topping is ultimately necessary for your tree we have the expertise needed to preserve as much growth as possible.

Contact the Tree Experts

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